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French fox Tiffany Doll esplores the ''senses'' of taste, touch sight, and sound, with four very beatiful partners

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French fox Tiffany Doll esplores the ''senses'' of taste, touch sight, and sound, with four very beatiful partners. Carolina Abril and Tffany feed one another succulent fruit, crushing it until the juice rubs over their bare skin and licking it off. Tastebuds fully stimulated, they are hungry for a different kind of sweetness, kissing passionately and licking each other's pussy and ass all the way to some delicious orgasms. Tiffany hides a camera in Angel Piaf's bedroom and watches the curvy blonde try on some sexy lingerie, touching herself as the sight gets her excited. Angel is amused but also aroused when Tiffany confesses her crime, and allows her naughty friend to undress her again. Tiffany kisses Angel passionately and sucks on her fabulous breasts, before going down to finger and munch her flushed pink pussy. Angel turns onto her knees so Tiffany can eat her from behind, then long-licks Tiffany’s succulent slit, Tiff holding her legs right back to open herself up to Angel’s busy tongue. She then goes face down to get eaten even more intensely. When Tiffany has cum, Angel sits on her face and rides to her own climax. Amber Nevada finds Tiffany sleeping and slips her earphones on to treat her to some seductive sounds. She watches as Tiffany, still lost in her dream world, begins to stroke her pussy. Amber Masturbates too, and then rouses Tiffany with some lusty kissing. They make their own sweet music, with gasps, moans and cries of pleasure as they eat each other to noisy orgasms. Grinding in scissors posisiton drives them both wild, and their squels reach a crescendo as they rub each other to mutual orgasm. In the final encounter, Silvie Luca wants to experience something new, but she's nervous. Tiffany calms her with a sensual message, awakening her sense of touch as it becomes more and more intimate. Tiffany oils herself up too, and the two beauties rub their slippery bodies together. Silvie's hesitancy is forgotten as Tiffany gives her a powerful climax, and she repays her friend with some pussy licking and frenzied finger-fucking of her own. Tiffany's fiery sexual presence makes her the perfect partner of exploring sensual pleasure, in this veritable feast for the '' Senses''

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  • Released: Nov 02, 2015
  • Runtime: 104 Minutes
  • Language: English

Senses (Scene 1)

Senses (Scene 2)

Senses (Scene 3)

Senses (Scene 4)




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